Based in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Formed in 2019 and based in Reykjavík, Studio Maixu is an intra-disciplinary duet, searching for different ways to bend realities and distort common representations of existing systems, stories and relations.

Current explorations focus around relationalism and dynamics of human, biosphere and mechanisation, represented through the project Symphony for the New Migration. Studio Maixu presented their work on the events such as Hugarflug, Design March, and taken part in the project supported by Rannís, Icelandic Centre of Research. Excited to expand their potential, until recently the duet had been focusing of their individual practice and education.

Argitxu Etchebarne
Born in Basque Country, currently based in Reykjavík. Argitxu is a former student of the MA at the Department of Design, Iceland Academy of Arts. When back in France she performs with her accordion and works with ceramics. Lately her practice revolves around the problematics of mechanized environments and the future of automation. Her latest project HOSTILE BODIES investigated data centers in Iceland and speculated on their futures.

Ma Kowasz
Based in Reykjavík, former student of MA at the Department of Design, Iceland Academy of Arts. Born and raised in Poland, alumna of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Primarily educated in music, before coming to Iceland Ma situated herself in directing and writing for theatre. Currently the curator of The Gazing Zone, a platform hosting experimental research connected to the relation between Self and Other.

contact: thenewmigration@gmail.com